WAG: Whole Animal Gym is Philadelphia’s first veterinary rehabilitation facility offering hydrotherapy, acupuncture, LASER and ultrasound treatments.  A full dog gym is also available for patients recovering from surgery and those needing help with weight loss or improved conditioning.

Under the direction of Dr. Christina Fuoco, Medical Director, WAG functions primarily as a referral service to the veterinary community and was developed to provide pets every opportunity at the happiest, healthiest lifestyle possible.


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  1. 1.Viva la Papa- Due to the papal visit, we will close Fri @ 12:30pm and reopen on Monday, Sep. 26 @ 9am.

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  4. 4.Dr. Fuoco has been busy treating patients at the Philadelphia Zoo with acupuncture.      Click for articles in:  The Philadelphia Inquirer or Metro.

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  6. 6.WAG is honored to have been named Best of Philly- 2013!!!  Click to view.

  7. 7.Here is an interesting article on the benefits of Acupuncture.

  8. 8.Besides being a great veterinarian, Dr. Fuoco is a good pen friend.  Click here for a touching article about her relationship with a pen friend from New Zealand.

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