Whole Animal Gym provides veterinary Rehabilitation, Acupuncture and Conditioning services.


Every rehabilitation patient at WAG is thoroughly evaluated with a comprehensive history, physical examination and structural assessment.  A rehabilitation and fitness program is developed from this evaluation.


Whole Animal Gym maintains a state-of-the-art fitness and rehabilitation center to provide you with the most comprehensive care available for your pets. Dr. Christina Fuoco is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist who is dedicated to developing customized rehabilitation programs that focus specifically on your pet’s needs for recovery and maintaining fitness after rehabilitation.

Our services include stretching and range-of-motion exercises.  Owners are taught techniques and exercises for use at home or in our gym to improve patient response.  We also offer hydrotherapy, which utilizes our underwater treadmill.  Acupuncture is also available as part of a comprehensive pain management protocol.

Hydrotherapy treatment benefits to dogs:

  1. *Warm water enhances pain reduction and the healing process

  2. *Older animals with joint problems can exercise effectively

  3. *Improved circulation

  4. *Restoration of mobility

  5. *Strengthening of limbs

  6. *Increased range of motion

  7. *Improved coordination and function

  8. *Variable water heights accommodate different sized dogs and                                                  allow for adjustable weight bearing

  9. *Dogs can either swim at maximum water height or walk                                                         comfortably on the treadmill at lower water heights.

Canine rehabilitation patients range from dogs that have orthopedic or neurological surgeries, hip and elbow dysplasia, muscular injuries, athletic injuries, spinal injuries and disc problems, wounds and cancer.


Acupuncture is an effective means of treating or relieving pain associated with joint disease, intervertebral disc disease, inflammatory bowel disease, renal failure, allergies, asthma, chronic pain, respiratory problems, nervous system disorders and other illnesses your pet may be experiencing. Visit to learn how this treatment might benefit your companion animal.  Dr. Fuoco is certified in veterinary acupuncture and has been successfully treating patients since 2003.

neuromuscular electrical stimulation (nmes)

NMES is the administration of a low-level electrical current through electrodes placed on the skin to depolarize the motor nerve and produce a skeletal muscle contraction. NMES is used for conservative and postoperative treatment of various orthopedic and neurological problems.


LASER is the use of light to stimulate tissues.  The light is absorbed by the skin and underlying tissues.  Low-level lasers have the potential to accelerate tissue repair and cell growth of structures such as skin, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.  It is indicated in many different disease processes, such as pain, tendonitis, muscle spasm, inflammation, wound/incision healing and arthritis.

Rehabilitation referral process

Patients for canine rehabilitation are typically referred by a veterinarian who approves the plan of care, maintains responsibility for the client's care throughout the rehab process and assumes ongoing responsibility of client care upon completion of the rehab program. The referring veterinarian will receive a copy of the initial evaluation and plan of care, progress notes as well as a discharge summary upon completion of the rehab program.

Physical rehabilitation benefits pets that are recovering from surgery as well any pet that is in need of treatment for ailments or the effects of time including:


•Hip dysplasia

•Elbow dysplasia

•Gait abnormalities

•Bone and joint injuries and surgeries

•Spinal cord injuries & surgeries

•Intervertebral disk disease

•Disc herniation